In April 1.989 Juan Bautista’s sons and daughters constituted Casa Armendariz S.A. The project of the family lied in development of Armendariz’s grandfather and father delicatessen business creating to this purpose Cooking School “El Txoko del Gourmet” endowed with a classroom for 45 persons and a kitchen for 23 students. “El Txoko del Gourmet” gives either Kitchen Courses (Select, Innovator, Traditional), Wine-Tasting & hotel trade Courses, than Masterly Talks. Shool also offers the possibility to attend an intensive Cooking Course which enable students to face culinary professional work.
Children from 8 to 14 years old may also investigate in this cooking area through Child’s Summer & Christmas courses. Various of those children are today renowned professionals. The aim of “El Txoko del Gourmet” is “to maintain fabulous world of gastronomy alive”. From its foundation to the present, school has reached a high prestigious level granted by students who having served their apprenticeship in “El Txoko del Gourmet”, count today with a recognized status, being today many of them managers of their own restaurant.

School Year Programm of the school joins theoric & practice teaching, and offers the possibility to approach famous restaurants, poultry farms, wine cellars, etc. bringing also the possibility to attend external winter & summer practice in the best restaurants of the area through an agreement of collaboration with them. Once Intensive Cooking Course has been finished, students have the posibility to make a complementary one year stage near the most prestigious Chefs. School counts with employement bureau all year around too.

Intensive professional
cooking training course
The programm, two thousand hours, works out practice and theory training, drawing up a programm for visits to cellars, poultry farms, etc.
Practical course
à la carte
Gives satisfaction to most demanding participants. These practical courses are individual courses or courses for groups of no more than six people.
Practical courses
for foreigners
Curiosity aroused by our gastronomy is amply satisfied in these courses of variable duration.
of Tapas & Cazuelitas
Ideal for professionals who want to give an innovative touch to their bar and those people who would like to impress their friends.
Initiation medium
degree courses
This course turns towards housewives and keen on gastronomy. It offerss a selection of starters, meats, hunting and fish.
Healthy cooking
This course is made in view to an educational healthy feed campaign made in order to alert and educate citizens on the importance of a balanced diet.
15 TO 18 YEARS
Want to learn to cook and feel more independent?
You just want to stay home and prepare a special meal?
Child’s cooking
School opens the class to boys and girls from eight to fourteen years old.



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  • Addres: Calle Aldamar Nº 4, 20003, Donostia-San Sebastián
  • Phone: 943 422 218
  • Fax: 943 427641
  • Email: info@casaarmendariz.com